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Since Normerica introduced our design registration process we have been capturing favourites from our visitors who select favourites when on the design site. For some time we have seen a trend towards smaller cottages that are tastefully decorated . Our current Top 10 design favourites seem to support this trend. Only 2 of the Top 10 are over 2500 square feet of above ground living space, 4 are below 2000 square feet and the other 4 are closer to 2000 square feet than 2500 square feet. I am proud to present our Top 10 designs as of August 15, 2014.


    1. The Carleton 3115: Cape 1808 sq.ft.


The Carleton


    1.  The Lanark 3522 1 ½ Storey 1181 sq. ft.



    1.  The Algoma 3538 1 ½ Storey 2099 sq. ft.


the Algoma

    1. The Addington 3472 Bungalow 1439 sq. ft.


the Addington

    1. The Kearns 3510 1 ½ Storey 3832 sq. ft.


the Kearns

    1. The Dufferin 3025 1 ½ Storey 2208 sq.ft.


The Dufferin


    1. The Burchell 3577 Bungalow 2064 sq. ft


The Burchell 3577

    1. The Hughes 3524 Prow 2607 sq. ft.


The Hughes

    1.  the Lennox 3546 Prow 1777 sq. ft.


the Lennox 3546

    1. The Baril 3514 Bungalow 2041 sq. ft.


 The Baril

So we have four 1 ½ storey designs, 3 Bungalows, 2 Prows and a Cape in our Top 10 favourites. I will update you later in the fall as to what the rankings look like. In the meantime visit our residential design, register and select your favourites.

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