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Many of our customers choose a Design/Build approach to their project where Normerica is their single source for total project management. Starting with concept plan development our professional designers, structural engineers and construction management personnel collaborate with a customer and their development design team to create plans that truly reflect their vision and budget for the project.

We have the ability to provide firm prices for structural drawings, manufacturing and construction engineered from conceptual drawings. We keep your project on track with guaranteed delivery dates and budget, and have the track record to prove it.

The key advantage of using a Design/Build format is to give the owner the ability to construct the building at actual cost as apposed to an inflated contract price to cover some unknown factors.

The Design/Build approach enables discretion in selecting options on the basis of economics as construction of the building takes place.
Using a Design/Build method will result in a cost effective approach to construction at the same time as providing an opportunity to make changes that will improve the end product within the confines of manageable additional cost.

Utilize Normerica’s extensive skills in both design and building construction

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